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The core of this list is the 200 recognized sports with national or international federations.

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Wikipedia: Identifying reliable sources mentions this multiple times: context matters and we judge it case-by-case.

Since Cosmopolitan is in compete agreement with two other sources given here, Web MD and Mayo, what is the point?

If you can see that sunlight (seen on Earth's surface) is yellow, and you've been told it is a a "yellow dwarf", then why wouldn't you think the sun is yellow? Note also how often our yellow dwarf sun is contrasted with others by color: red dwarf, white dwarf.

The terminology strongly reinforces what you see when you look out the window.

Space is defined by most authorities as being anything above 100km a.s.l..

So maybe this could be rephrased, maybe something along the lines of: "Although the Wall of China can be seen from low-Earth orbit, it isn't as easy to see as many other man made objects such as road due to the small contrast with its surroundings.

It's true they publish celebrity gossip along with grooming tips, but then so does the NYT.

We have no choice but to make distinctions between which parts of a publication, or which subjects, they can be relied on for, and which ones to take with a grain of salt, or treat as opinion.

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You need to go to Talk: Indoor_air_quality and find come consensus on what exactly the misconception is.

At the very least, we should say something like, "the terminology astronomers have frequently used for dwarf stars, yellow dwarf (such as our Sun), blue dwarf, red dwarf, etc, is misleading to the public, and the colors do not match physicists' definition of color." It's a non-sequitur to suggest that the perception of color is in error compared with something called "true" color.

There is no objective definition of red or green or white.

Here we just need to state common belief that is false and leave it at that. --Dennis Bratland (talk) , 25 April 2015 (UTC) Th Napoleon wikipedia article has a different height than in this article, which is correct? Confusion about his height also results from the difference between the French pouce and British inch—2.71 cm and 2.54 cm, respectively; he was 1.68 metres (5 ft 6 in) tall, average height for the period.[note 11] Many people think Bill Gates was the actual inventor of computers or the internet. They were just pioneer manufacturers of what we call micro-computers today. - - Alumnum (talk) , (UTC) Eva Perón never uttered the quote "I will return and I will be millions".