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Using a bit of circular reasoning, the geologic column is used as support for biologic evolution, which is then sometimes used to confirm the order of the layers in the geologic column.
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Dmesg has the following log entries: [ 67.093184] uvcvideo: Trying format 0x4745504a (JPEG): 640x480.[ 67.094077] uvcvideo: Using default frame interval 66666.6 us (15.0 fps).

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[ 89.971499] uvcvideo: Device requested 384 B/frame bandwidth.Thanks for the cmdline options I can report that my webcam has been running for well over 20 minutes now without crashing.I also tried audio capture at the same time with darkice to load the USB controller and so far so good audio is super stable.Disconnecting the USB modem causes apparent freezing of the system and sometimes host device crashes.The same hardware configuration worked reliably with 2. Could the method described by P33M offer an appropriate way to diagnose the issue I am observing?[ 89.813109] uvcvideo: Using default frame interval 66666.6 us (15.0 fps).